Event Resume

Thanks to an accidental step into the world of event planning, I discovered a profound passion for orchestrating gatherings that unite people through shared experiences. The joy of creating spaces where connections flourish, and memories are made has become a cornerstone of my professional journey.

Beyond the allure of networking and building community ties through these events, I have developed a deep appreciation for the intricate dance of organized chaos that defines event management. My approach is rooted in meticulous planning paired with the agility to remain composed under pressure, ensuring the safety and satisfaction of guests, the fulfillment of partners’ expectations, and the seamless execution of each event. This dynamic environment is where I thrive, finding both challenge and reward in every successful occasion.

Current Events

Kentucky Derby Twin Cities Party

The Annual Twin Cities Kentucky Derby Party is a beloved soiree that welcomes the spring season with a flourish of Southern charm right in the heart of Minnesota. Revelers don their finest attire, from elegant hats and flowing dresses to classic seersucker suits, enhancing the festive atmosphere with sophistication. Amid the aromatic swirl of fine cigars and the clinking of ice in traditional Mint Juleps, attendees immerse themselves in the pageantry and excitement that the Derby is known for. The event is not just a celebration of fashion and festivity; it also carries a heart of philanthropy, incorporating a best-dressed competition to complement its commitment to raising funds for charity, ensuring that the party’s impact extends well beyond the day’s festivities.

Role: Creator & Producer
Location: Various locations
Time: 2017 – present
More Info: kentuckyderbytwincities.com

First Thursday Happy Hour

First Thursday Happy Hour is a long-standing tradition that has been the highlight of the social calendar since 1998. As the esteemed fifth host of this monthly event, I have had the pleasure of welcoming a diverse group of social butterflies who gather on the first Thursday of each month, not for business networking or singles mixers but for the sheer enjoyment of each other’s company. This vibrant event is characterized by the warmth and conviviality of its attendees, people who come together to share stories, laughter, and camaraderie in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. It’s a celebration of community and the simple pleasure of good company, making every First Thursday an eagerly anticipated occasion. Attendance varies from 100-500 people monthly for each event, depending on the venue, weather, and time of year.

Role: Host & Organizer
Time: 2014 – present
More Info: facebook.com/FirstThursdayHappyHour/events


MN4MN is a vibrant and forward-thinking creative consultancy that stands as a beacon for Minnesota’s rich and diverse tapestry of burgeoning talents. With a deep commitment to nurturing the state’s cultural and talent landscape, MN4MN catalyzes promoting and elevating the profiles of emerging artists, designers, and artisans, as well as the businesses that support them. This movement is not just about showcasing talent; The goal is to weave the threads to create sustainability for these creatives and recogzie the talent in Minnesota.

Role: Co-Creator, Operations & Marketing
Time: 2014 – present
More Info: mn4mn.org


Role: Co-Creator, Operations & Marketing
Time: 2022 – present
More Info: sntexp.com

Cars & Caves Car Show

Since 2002, I have been at the forefront of producing car shows, starting with spearheading events for the local Volkswagen Club. My passion for automotive marketing led to partnering and launching the local ‘Caffeine & Octane car show. Currently, I am the driving force behind the ‘Cars & Caves series at the Chanhassen AutoPlex, where I not only produce the event but also manage all aspects of sponsorship. My role involves engaging with sponsors, building lasting partnerships, and securing the necessary support to ensure the success and expansion of our automotive events.

Role: Producer, Marketing & Sponsorship
Time: 2022 – present
More Info: chanhassenautoplex.com/cars-caves

Annual All Black Attire Party & Fashion Show

The Annual All Black Attire Party & Fashion Show has swiftly ascended to become a hallmark event of the autumn fashion season, eagerly awaited by style aficionados and industry insiders alike. In collaboration with the esteemed boutique MartinPatrick3, this illustrious event showcases a curated selection of the season’s most promising ensembles, donned by Minnesota’s premier models. Each year, the red runway glimmers with sartorial elegance as the latest trends are brought to life to celebrate the best fashion while guests arrive in their black attire and mix and mingle.

Role: Co-Creator, Operations & Marketing
Time: 2017 – Present
More Info: TBD

Fractional Conference

Role: Sponsorship
Time: 2023- Present
More Info: fracionalconference.com

Past Events

Uptown  Art Fair

Widely known as the 2nd largest event in Minnesota behind the State Fair with 350,000 visitors

Role: President Uptown Association Board
Time: 2012 – 2016

MN4MN Fashion Weekend

Role: Co-creator, Operations & Marketing
Location: Shops of West End
Time: 2008 & 2009

Super Bowl Inclusion Party

The Super Bowl Inclusion Party, a pioneering event conceived by Esera Tuaolo, marked a historic moment in sports celebrations. Sponsored by Adidas, this groundbreaking gathering was designed to champion diversity and welcome all individuals at one of the world’s most important sporting events.

Role: Operations & Marketing
Location: Various Cities
Time: 2017-2019

Crystal Ball New Year’s Eve Party

Role: Operations & Marketing
Location: International Market Square
Time: 2008 & 2009

MIA Summer Gala

I was selected to be on the Gala Party Host Committee to help bring more guests to the party.

Role: Ambassador
Location: Minneapolis Institute of Art
Time: 2017 & 2018
More Info: artsmia.org/gala-2019/

The Polo Classic

For more than 30 years, The Polo Classic has been the preeminent polo event in the Twin Cities, raising money for charity while stomping divots.

Role: Operations & Marketing
Time: 2015 – 2107
More: Info: thepoloclassic.com

WordCamp Minneapolis

For more than 30 years, The Polo Classic has been the preeminent polo event in the Twin Cities, raising money for charity while stomping divots.

Role: Operations & Sponsorship
Time: 2014-2018
More Info: minneapolis.wordcamp.org/2015/organizers